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Creative tech touches our lives every day by connecting the physical and digital worlds in completely new ways. It is at the forefront of cross-cutting business models in fashion, screen, advertising, product design, digital media, multimedia, games, computing, robotics, engineering and electronics. From wearables to personalisation, virtual marketplaces and the emergence of multi-sensory experiences, we are only just beginning to realise the potential of this new style of tech adoption.

The Creative Tech Ventures (CTV) Fund is the first of its kind in Australia for Seed through to Series A venture capital investments in one of Australia’s fastest growing sectors. The Australian creative workforce is expanding at three times the national rate and represents over 6% of the workforce.

The objective for the CTV Fund is to provide early stage venture capital to scalable, high growth creative tech companies to capture these new investment opportunities. We see this as a significant area of opportunity for investment given the creative industries segment of the Australian economy has increased more rapidly than mining, tourism and agriculture in terms of contribution to GDP.

Our approach is to invest in innovative creative tech startups and to support their expansion via our extensive networks across business channels and industry partners. Together, we will build pathways to global markets and growth capital for Australian creative businesses.




The CTV Fund will be managed by QUT Creative Enterprise Australia (CEA) who are specialists in the creative industries. Over the past 10 years, CEA has developed and delivered a unique range of accelerator programs, workshops, mentoring, partnerships and community-based programs aimed at accelerating the speed a company can take their products and services to market, both nationally and internationally.

In 2014, CEA established Startup Fund I (formerly promoted as the Creative Enterprise Fund) in response to the market gap and increasing demand in high growth creative ventures. Startup Fund I was a private fund and the first proof-of-concept dedicated VC investment in Australia specialising in accelerating companies in the creative industries. Its purpose was to provide a commercial investment vehicle with a mandate to generate a return from its investments, while also helping creative businesses access much-needed capital.

Anna Rooke

Managing Director, CTV Fund

Mark Gustowski


Brett Chenoweth

Chairman, QUTCEA

Tamara Mills

Investment Fund Manager



CEA Startup Fund 1 Portfolio

CEA’s Startup Fund 1 has made investments into 10 creative tech companies across Australia.

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