Founders Jared Kristensen and Jason MacLulich

Founders Jared Kristensen and Jason MacLulich

Audience Republic helps event organisers amplify their ticket sales.

Event organisers use the online platform to setup campaigns, which drive increased ticket sales to their ticketing provider such as Ticketmaster, Ticketek or Eventbrite. The campaigns leverage social media and rewards such as access to exclusive tickets, discounts and prizes to incentivise people to invite their friends to purchase tickets.

The more friends you refer that results in purchased tickets and the more social follows completed, the more points you get and the chance of securing rewards. Through the process, event organisers collect data around music tastes, so they can learn more about event purchasing behaviour. Audience Republic supports platforms including Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Spotify and SoundCloud.

In The Media:

This duo’s secret weapon for turbocharging event ticket sales has attracted $525,000 in seed funding

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